Therapy Update 20 February 2019 Lisa Yates

How nutrition advice has changed in the past 10 years

My first nutrition column for Medical Observer 10 years ago was on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and there were no mentions then of FODMAPs, the gut microbiome or meta-analyses.
Therapy Update 19 February 2019 Professor Anders Cervin

The pros and cons of probiotics

There is much interest in the role of probiotics in the human-bacterial interaction, inter-bacterial interaction and how these effects could be utilised for disease management and prevention.
Therapy Update 14 February 2019 Professor Kaarin Anstey

A GP's guide to reducing dementia risk

Dementia, a syndromal diagnosis, has multiple and varied risk factors and pathologies. Therefore, the most promising current strategy for dementia risk reduction is to target known risk factors.
Therapy Update 12 February 2019 Dr Kelsey Hegarty

The GP's role in assisting family violence victims

Domestic and family violence affects all types of people, regardless of gender, culture or sexuality. It is complex and there is no quick-fix solution.
Therapy Update 07 February 2019 Dr Michael Lowy

The red flag conditions of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is projected to affect more than 350 million men worldwide by 2025. The prevalence increases with age, starting at 10% for men younger than 40 years to at least 50% for men older than 70.