Early gut infection with enterovirus may be a trigger for coeliac disease in susceptible children, research suggests.
People with epilepsy have a 10% per annum chance of sustaining an injury while having a seizure, an Australian study shows.
Poor rates of referral to cardiac rehabilitation are among the barriers to improving secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, a report says.
Community pharmacy revenue has increased over the past five years thanks to a focus on professional services, but the growth is still below that of the general economy, according to the
Symbion parent EBOS has increased net profit, despite losing $251 million in revenue as a result of PBS reforms and reduced hepatitis C sales.
Home Medication Review uptake is extremely low among people using multiple medications, according to new data from more than 131,000 older concession-card holders.
Community pharmacists could end up in a turf war with practice nurses and GPs if they take on a general practice role without a clear job description, a UK study suggests.