We see them in little cots, connected to ventilators, tubes in place to administer drugs as they struggle to grow. Parents watch their baby from behind glass walls feeling helpless.
Cancer remains a frightening and largely incurable disease.
The Supreme Court of Victoria delivered a landmark ruling late last year that a state tribunal had violated two patients’ human rights when it forced them to undergo electroconvulsive
In my surgery, I sit at my ­grandmother’s kidney-shaped wooden desk with its leather top.
Last week, I was surprised to read an article in Australian Doctor that included
Our evolutionary past makes us susceptible to scams. Humans are curious social animals, which means we are more trusting than we should be.
There’s no doubt it’s divisive: at one end of the spectrum are GPs who label it all ‘bunk’; at the other are the GPs trying to integrate it in their clinical practice.