When asked what technological medical advances they’d like to see over the next decade, most nice doctors mention something like wiping cervical cancer off the planet.

Me — I’d just like to cure

Dr Justin Coleman8th February 2019

I’m leaving. Leaving my job, house, kids.

Peter, Paul and Mary’s sad ditty about leaving on a jet plane reminds me that people have been a-leaving each other for a long time now; at least as far back

It's not a popular conversation starter in medical circles, but let’s talk about age ranges.

From neonates through to nonagenarians, common medical conditions in every age group are analysed and

COLEMAN'S CORNER: A textbook case of pityriasis rosea walked into my room recently. Well, technically it was the girl who walked in — the rash was just a hanger-on. But to me, the rash was everything.


To celebrate the change in season, Medical Observer columnist Dr Justin Coleman offers up this heartfelt ode to spring and all that comes with it.

As sure as one prime minister

The lead character in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Arthur Dent, is incredulous upon reading the book’s description of planet Earth as “harmless”.

“Is that all it’s got to say? Harmless! One

In this article, reproduced from Australian Doctor's sister site, Medical Observer, Dr Justin Coleman delves into the topic of GP pay and wonders: has the world gone mad?

GP income is the talk of the

OPINIONGP income is the talk of the town currently.First, a survey shows that our earnings are heading south, and then a Twitter storm erupts when some female GPs at a Melbourne clinic appear to be

We might not embrace the thought of dedicating more of our time and resources to digital technology, but at some point, we will have to.​A GP goes to a financial planner at a big bank and asks “How do

In bad news for night owls, it seems we are fatter, sicker and die younger than our friends whose energy peaks in the morning. Turns out you early risers are healthier, wealthier and wiser after all

COMMENTA new study has found lonely people don’t use GP services any more than anyone else. Really?In Eleanor Rigby, the Beatles famously asked where all the lonely people come from?Half a century