I remember Grandpa Larry’s visits remarkably vividly. He would lumber into the house hunched over, grunting loudly and reeking of cigarettes.

He was unshaven and haggard, with wild grey-black hair

Dr Ben Gold19th March 2019

As a doctor who has worked in a dozen different hospitals over the past decade, I have really enjoyed meeting a broad range of experienced doctors and hearing their perspectives on how the practice of

Prescribing the right pharmacological treatment for generalised anxiety disorder can be tricky.

Take quetiapine, for instance, which is widely prescribed off-label. But despite its effectiveness, the

I could hear the scream from across the room.  It was shrill and filled with panic.  Any parent can identify the difference between the cries of normal toddler discomforts and a true emergency.


Last week, a video on Facebook surfaced showing a chiropractor performing ‘spinal manipulation’ on a newborn using a device called the ‘activator’ — or, as those with medical training sometimes call

GPs are at the forefront in combatting a new epidemic — but it’s not an infectious disease that has public health experts concerned.

An epidemic of silicosis has emerged among workers in the

We have a complex problem. There really is not a single simple solution to the issue of clinician burnout and the poor wellbeing of today’s doctors.

We need to accept this.

The proponents of yoga

Around the world, vaccines are in retreat, shunned by populations who, for the most part, have never been exposed to the diseases that blighted or shortened the lives of their grandparents’ generation

Do we need a new word for discharge summaries?

In this country, the US, we bulked them up and renamed them 'Transition of Care Documents' and they made life more complicated in many ways.


We see them in little cots, connected to ventilators, tubes in place to administer drugs as they struggle to grow. Parents watch their baby from behind glass walls feeling helpless.

They know some

Cancer remains a frightening and largely incurable disease.

The toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation make the cure often seem as bad as the ailment, and there is also the threat of