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direct ophthalmoscopy

Jane, 41, presents with severe headaches and intermittent blurred vision.

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Dr Jason Cheng13th March 2019

Fred, a fit, 76-year-old farmer, presents to his GP complaining of nocturia 3-4 times a night and a weakening urine flow during the past two years.

Dr Grummet is a urological surgeon.

He is chair

A 65-year-old man visits his GP a week after a fall as he cannot move his arm above his head, although he can use his hand at waist level.

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Dr Sher is an orthopaedic surgeon (knee

A 44-year-old woman presents extremely distressed, convinced she is going bald.

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Professor McBride

Keen fisherman 55-year-old Gerry was on a deep-sea fishing trip — without shoes on. An errant cast saw him catch a fish hook in his left great toe.

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Anna, a 28-year-old woman, has seen two different GPs for an initial four-day history of urgency and frequency of urine, associated with pelvic pain. Take the quiz.

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