Case Report
nepal chitwan

Andrew is a 27-year-old international student from Canada.

He recently returned from a three-week trip to Nepal, where he trekked for 10 days in the Annapurna area and also visited the Chitwan

Professor Nick Zwar18th March 2019

Lachlan, a 17-year-old high-school student, presents after a two-week history of a pruritic rash over the pubic area and both buttocks.

The rash was first noticed 48 hours after a family holiday at a

Genevieve, a 73-year-old female presents with a four-year history of symmetrical painful peripheral neuropathy, with tactile hyperaesthesia worse at night.

She has a past history of anxiety and

Judith is an 82-year-old woman from a low-level care facility.

Over the last week, she has developed new urinary incontinence and frequency.

She has a history of hypertension and osteoarthritis and

Nirav is a 37-year-old man of South-Asian descent.

He moved to Australia with his wife 10 years ago and works in a plastics factory.

He presents as a new patient, complaining of a high fever and

Sarah is a 34-year-old divorced woman who presents with concerns about her mood and anxiety.

She has a two-year history of depression and in the past six months has also developed anxiety symptoms.

Earl is 78; he retired from the public service more than 20 years ago because of his rheumatoid arthritis.

He received what was conventional treatment at the time but unfortunately the disease

Harry is a 57-year-old man who has moved back to Australia after working in the UK for nine months.

He attends for a general health check. He has run out of his antihypertensive tablets (olmesartan

Joseph is 59-year-old accountant who presents with constipation and a mildly reduced appetite.

He discloses a six-month history of progressive constipation and has been self-managing by using a stool

Sharon, a 47-year-old female, was admitted to hospital with a non-ST- segment elevated myocardial infarction (NSTEMI).

She had a past medical history of poorly controlled type 2 diabetes,

Case 1

Casey, an eight-month-old girl, presents to ED with a five-day history of cough, fever, coryza, lethargy and decreased oral intake.

Her work of breathing increased significantly during the 24