Medicines management

Doctors have been warned against prescribing quetiapine for generalised anxiety disorder following the largest review to date of relevant pharmacotherapy.

Sydney GP and psychotherapist Dr Jill Gordon

Kemal Atlay15th February 2019

Teenagers who use cannabis have a higher risk of developing depression and suicidal thoughts as young adults and should be made aware of those risks by parents and doctors, scientists say.

About 7%

Next time an elderly patient walks (or shuffles) into the surgery, consider their gait, because researchers have found links between walking speed and step length, and depression in later life.


Depression is one of the most disabling medical conditions worldwide.1

In Australia, mental disorders such as depression have now taken over from musculoskeletal problems as the most common cause of

Nearly all patients who express suicidal thoughts to their GP or psychiatrist will not go on to suicide — yet most people who do die by suicide deny suicidal ideation, a landmark Australian study

Prescribing off-label is well-entrenched in clinical practice — think atypical anti­psychotics for insomnia and antidepressants for back pain.

While authorities may frown on this practice, there’s no

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14th February 2019

Hugh is a 44-year-old unemployed man with a childhood history of absence (petit mal) seizures.

He presents with a few months of bizarre olfactory, visual and auditory hallucinations.

He reports a

Starting a new year, many of us are thinking this will be the year we sort out our own health. We’ll take breaks, exercise and eat better, and won’t be so constantly exhausted.

But there’s a risk

The young woman was only slightly overweight, with a BMI of 28, but she seemed really wound up about her need for me to continue the phentermine her previous doctor out of state had started her on.

A Hollywood doctor has lost his medical licence after recommending a father give his four-year-old son marijuana cookies to control temper tantrums, according to California's medical board.


As school children around Australia head back to the classroom this week, a Queensland GP is stressing the importance of supporting students with anxiety, even if it means providing a sick note to