Medicines management

Doctors have been warned against prescribing quetiapine for generalised anxiety disorder following the largest review to date of relevant pharmacotherapy.

Sydney GP and psychotherapist Dr Jill Gordon

Kemal Atlay15th February 2019

“I woke up as gay as when I went to sleep, which meant that every day I was failing in the eyes of my church.”

Paul Martin is speaking of his time in the 1980s with an evangelical Christian group

Depression is one of the most disabling medical conditions worldwide.1

In Australia, mental disorders such as depression have now taken over from musculoskeletal problems as the most common cause of

GPs will be free to refer patients with complex mental health issues for up to 40 Medicare-funded psychological services a year under radical changes being proposed by the MBS Review Taskforce.


Ten years after the Black Saturday bushfires that tore through the state of Victoria, a study shows youngsters affected by the trauma are falling behind their peers academically.

The fires devastated

Nearly all patients who express suicidal thoughts to their GP or psychiatrist will not go on to suicide — yet most people who do die by suicide deny suicidal ideation, a landmark Australian study

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14th February 2019

A new advertising campaign is looking for a fair go for those diagnosed with lung cancer.

Lung Foundation Australia says its campaign, which launches today, is designed to challenge misconceptions

Adults who develop type 2 diabetes before age 40 have an excess of hospitalisations during their lifetime, including an "unexpectedly" large burden of serious mental illness in young adulthood,

Middle age is often seen as life’s pivot point. A hill has been climbed and the view over the other side is unsettling. As Victor Hugo said: “forty is the old age of youth” and “fifty the youth of old

A quick and easy online tool to screen for cognitive deficits in people with major depression has been developed by Australian researchers.

The potential of ‘THINC-it’ as a screening tool has been

At a recent dinner party, I was listening to two friends discuss their new-found love of cycling.

The discussion was animated, punctuated by smiles and delighted agreement; it had all the markers of