Medicines management

There is much interest in the role of probiotics in the human-bacterial interaction, inter-bacterial interaction and how these effects could be utilised for disease management and prevention.

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Professor Anders Cervin19th February 2019

Doctors have been warned against prescribing quetiapine for generalised anxiety disorder following the largest review to date of relevant pharmacotherapy.

Sydney GP and psychotherapist Dr Jill Gordon

Doctors should avoid fentanyl patches and identify a treatment length when prescribing opioids for non-cancer pain, according to a new guide to help navigate the challenges in reducing opioid abuse.

The question: which GPs will start prescribing new drugs to their patients soonest?

Researchers now have an answer of sorts. It seems to be male GPs working as practice principals in Queensland who

Maggie, a 77-year-old female, has had several episodes of severe iron deficiency anaemia since 2006.

At times her haemoglobin (Hb) would drop to 80g/L (normal: 120g/L and above) requiring blood

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20th February 2019

Depression is one of the most disabling medical conditions worldwide.1

In Australia, mental disorders such as depression have now taken over from musculoskeletal problems as the most common cause of

The recent great debate over pill testing has led to some extraordinary revelations from politicians.

I found Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s public decree that drugs don’t make anything more fun

A few weeks back new UK guidelines came out advising women on combined oral contraceptives that the pill could safely be taken daily without the monthly, seven-day, hormone-free break.

The idea that

Women planning or expecting a baby should be warned of the dangers of taking opioids, a specialist says in the wake of a study linking the agents to a rise in gastroschisis.

Researchers from the US

Longer is not always better when it comes to prescribing antibiotics, with many shorter courses of treatment as effective as lengthier ones for common illnesses, an infectious disease expert says.