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Associate Professor Geoff Sussman15th February 2019

Erectile dysfunction is projected to affect more than 350 million men worldwide by 2025.

The prevalence increases with age, starting at 10% for men younger than 40 years to at least 50% for men

GPs are yet to be convinced of the benefits of referrals to exercise physiologists, if the latest analysis of BEACH data is anything to go by.

Victoria University researchers say only a tiny fraction

Health Care Homes patients will no longer be forced to sign up for a My Health Record, with the government admitting the unpopularity of its beleaguered online system is putting patients off enrolling

A much-cited Cochrane review of exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome is being withdrawn amid fierce criticism and pressure from activists and patients.

The decision has been described by the

Take a closer look at osteoporosis management in general practice by delving deeper into prevention, detection, diagnosis, pharmacological management and lifestyle interventions to support this

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14th February 2019

The global #metoo and #TimesUp movements as well as Australia’s marriage equality vote have brought the topic of gender to the fore.

In turn this has led to much public discourse about gendered

Your latest chronic disease management plan may have seemed humdrum. But are you sure you're not part of a grand conspiracy involving Medicare-rorting doctors, ingrown toenails and illegal back

A $9000 robotic toy seal proposed as a solution to soothe agitated dementia patients has failed to make a big splash when tested in Australian nursing homes.

In a million-dollar randomised trial

COMMENTI worked previously in the UK, and the Health Care Homes model sounds similar to the UK payment model.In the UK, we were obliged to meet targets with our standard of care to get the maximum

A patient presents with chronic tiredness, despite sleeping 10 hours a night. What are your next steps?

Sam is a 26-year-old male who works as a sales representative, driving between multiple work