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Next time an elderly patient walks (or shuffles) into the surgery, consider their gait, because researchers have found links between walking speed and step length, and depression in later life.


Carmel Sparke11th February 2019

Questions have been raised over the value of aortic valve replacement in elderly patients with severe frailty in the wake of a study that shows they often experience functional decline or lack of

A simple blood test that detects signs of brain damage could be used to spot developing Alzheimer's disease, scientists say.

The test looks for a structural protein that leaks out of damaged or dying

Nursing home staff are pressuring GPs to sedate difficult residents to compensate for inadequate staffing levels, RACGP president Dr Harry Nespolon says.

The misuse of psychotropic drugs is expected

Older people who move around more — even if they are just doing housework — may be protecting themselves against the effects of dementia, research suggests.

Scientists studied the donated brains of

Most older patients need lifestyle advice rather than high doses of vitamin D to boost their bone mineral density (BMD), according to a recent study that suggests the supplement has little impact on

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14th February 2019

This holiday period was not the relaxing down time that I was hoping for. But it was rich with meaning, if emotionally draining.

I was a witness to the importance of community and friendships. A

Misclassification occurs in more than one-third of patients screened for dementia in primary care, a study suggests.

In joint UK-US research, more than 800 adults from a population-based US study

GPs in the UK may start writing scripts for choirs, bingo and dancing for patients, after a trial project reported successes with “community prescribing”.

Community, or social prescribing, provides

GPs find it difficult to broach the topic of sexual health with their older patients — in part, because they believe sex is not a top health priority in this age group, researchers say.

Most GPs

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