It’s been about a year since the Notifiable Data Breach scheme came into effect, legally obliging GP clinics to report unauthorised disclosures of patient information that created a
I killed two chairs at Christmas. Not intentionally and not the leaders of my two least favourite committees. Both were made of wood.
Last December, the Federal Government released 10,000 more high-level home care packages enabling more patients older than 65 — or Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders older than 50 —
A 55-year-old financial adviser with a 30-year history of bipolar disorder attended his GP intermittently.
Freddie Clarence Williams was found unconscious from a drug overdose and was taken to a hospital in New York City, US, last July. He was eventually declared brain-dead.
I had seen him now and then, but he didn’t come in very often. He was on the thin side, a hardcore smoker with chronic bronchitis.
A few years ago, big data seemed like the Holy Grail — a way for computer programs to find meaning in datasets too big for traditional analysis.