Examining the Evidence

Brian, a 49-year-old landscaper, lives with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

He was recently diagnosed after presenting in distress, revealing a history of a very traumatic past.


Dr Michael Tam5th March 2019

In an online GP discussion board, cimetidine, a H2-receptor antagonist, is frequently suggested as a treatment for warts.

Interestingly, this is met with both strong recommendations (anecdotes of

A member of an online GP discussion board recently posted a question about the combination of magnesium, riboflavin and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) as prophylaxis to reduce migraine frequency, something that

Harry, a 55-year-old hospital cleaner, saw me with acute low back pain after lifting a heavy bag of linen.

I recalled reading that skeletal muscle relaxants might be helpful in acute low back pain.

Jonathan, a 60-year-old businessman, recently visited for a health check.

He was well but raised the challenges of providing care for his father, who had advanced Alzheimer’s disease, and mentioned

Greg, a 75-year-old Anglo-Australian retiree, presented with a nodular basal cell carcinoma on his shoulder, which I excised.

Greg had been an avid surfer in his youth — a lot of sun exposure with no

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15th March 2019

Olivia, a healthy four-year-old girl, saw me recently with her parents for immunisations. These were performed without incident, apart from Olivia having a cry. 

Afterwards, I reflected that although

Clinical scenario

Jorge, an unemployed 35-year-old factory worker with alcohol dependence, saw me recently at the local health district GP unit. 

As we talked about his drinking, I recalled a

Emergency medicine is not all about life and death situations and high-tech solutions. Our study, the largest of its kind in the world, shows using acupuncture in the emergency department can relieve

EXAMINING THE EVIDENCENSAIDS: Is there a catch?CLINICAL SCENARIOLorraine, a 21-year-old university student, presented with typical symptoms of uncomplicated cystitis.I recalled an online discussion

Krystal, a 21-year-old office worker saw me recently for common warts on her hand.
She mentioned that her mother had suggested that she use duct tape as a treatment.

I recalled that in a recent