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In my surgery, I sit at my ­grandmother’s kidney-shaped wooden desk with its leather top. My view from the desk is a high window with a glass shelf, lined with patent medicine bottles of all sizes,

Dr Pam Rachootin20th February 2019

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A health crisis often fosters a change of one’s priorities in life. In

LIGHTER SIDELike one of the Queen's royal guards, GPs are often required to keep a straight face when a patient, in all seriousness, blurts out something amusing. As in, you wanted to laugh but it

“What a great idea!” Another patient walks in smiling. She has just seen the new street library in front of my surgery.“There was a segment on the ABC’s Gardening Australia showing how to build one,”

Dr Pam Rachootin puts her thoughts into a haiku. Protect the publicFrom all those dodgy doctorsWho turn 70. Interrogate them,Examine them carefullyFor incompetence. One must never letDoctors stop

ON REFLECTIONA gangrenous finger and the horrors of war made Dr Pam Rachootin want to learn to treat herself.I believe my career in medicine would have been thwarted had I been subjected to an

In her 30 years of medicine, it never crossed Dr Pam Rachootin's mind to prescribe moisturiser to a war veteran“You have far more wrinkles than need be,” my daughter informed me. She marched into the

The public secondary care system is 'modernising'. But is newer necessarily better? Dr Pam Rachootin asks the question.I visited my local library after its renovation and found it perplexing.The

'The Art of Medicine'Before the patient came she called to seeIf I could order her an ECG.Yes, that was in the scope of what I do.I reassured her, and made a booking, too.When she sat down I asked

'Ménage a Trois'The spiritual healer conjured up a spell:Find a genius to balance hormones well.But waiting lists for wizards are months longSo she came to seek my help, though timely, wrong.“I need

Going BrokeShe came clean“I didn’t think I had a problem.”And listed all the people she had seen.The naturopath and chiro had a crackPhysio, masseur, that reiki quack.“The personal trainer advised