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Medical disaster

I have always been in awe of people who are forced to do their best to survive in trying circumstances.

Jerri Nielsen, the Antarctic doctor who performed surgery and chemotherapy to treat her own

Dr Pam Rachootin11th February 2019

I think today there is a greater awareness of bullying of medical students and junior staff than when I was at medical school in the 1980s.

I still have vivid memories of unacceptable incidents that

This holiday period was not the relaxing down time that I was hoping for. But it was rich with meaning, if emotionally draining.

I was a witness to the importance of community and friendships. A

There are many clues to recognising that a parent is decompensating, even when they live on the other side of the world.

In my mother’s case, she began speaking in heavily accented English. I found

Recently I saw a middle-aged patient who was unwell. She felt she had the flu with muscle aches and fever. A friend had driven her to the surgery. She felt horrible and really couldn’t articulate it

I am still haunted by a patient who knew exactly what he wanted and wasn’t satisfied until he got it.

He had been impressed by a hospital registrar decades earlier and decided that he wanted to see

I attended a resilience workshop for doctors this past weekend and listened to a time-management specialist.  He said there is no such thing as multi-tasking.

“After an interruption, it takes at

I have waited over a year to write this story, in order to gain sufficient perspective.

I want you to feel empowered and to trust your instincts when you are the patient, because navigating the

I have just said goodbye to Sophia and Jackson, aged nine and four respectively. They had been on a sleep-over with me and Hubby, and as usual that was a thrilling occasion for us all.

To relive how

I can feel Big Brother’s presence engulfing me. Today I got a call from the immunisation registry. “I just want to let you know that this call is being recorded for quality assurance. Is that all

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A health crisis often fosters a change of one’s priorities in life. In