Dr Justin Coleman

When asked what technological medical advances they’d like to see over the next decade, most nice doctors mention something like wiping cervical cancer off the planet.

Me — I’d just like to cure

Dr Justin Coleman8th February 2019

COMMENTThe Trojans never thought of loading their horse with bottles of cheap wine, but these gifts almost proved the downfall of NSW GP Dr Richard Wood.The details of his recent case at the

COMMENTWe chip away at GPs' gatekeeper role at our peril, writes Dr Justin Coleman.When Australia’s largest private health insurer suggests a fundamental change to the referral system, alarm bells

In politics and in the media, it's easy to grab people’s attention with a sensational headline - and medical issues lend themselves very nicely to this kind of drama.Take last week’s debacle over

COMMENT: Dr Justin Coleman grapples with Australia's medical workforce conundrum.

Last week, the RACGP urged the Federal Government to markedly reduce the number of new IMGs given visas to work as

ANALYSISThe idea of privately setting up your own health care home sounds a little wacko, at first hearing. But I kind of like it.The government’s tenuous experiment with capping payments for a year’s

COMMENTI’m always fascinated by iconoclastic medical research, and the latest study on arthroscopic shoulder surgery in The Lancet spectacularly fits the bill.Iconoclastic means criticising cherished

COMMENTA recent BMJ study highlighted the remarkable degree of international variation in how much time GPs spend with their patients.In Pakistan, a patient with a laceration would barely have time to

GUEST EDITORIALWhen it comes to correctly billing Medicare items, the buck still stops with the individual doctor.Medicare oversees a tenuous financial arrangement, predicated on trusting tens of

COMMENTThe news this week that the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath has been updated made a pleasant change from the usual dispiriting headlines.The World Medical Association inserted a phrase

COMMENTDr Justin Coleman takes on a pressing question.When is a junior doctor not a junior doctor?The answer is not ‘When they grow up’, but ‘When they work in the UK’, according to England’s chief