Dr Justin Coleman

When asked what technological medical advances they’d like to see over the next decade, most nice doctors mention something like wiping cervical cancer off the planet.

Me — I’d just like to cure

Dr Justin Coleman8th February 2019

I RECENTLY saw a patient distressed by the sharp edge of a chipped molar painfully scraping the edge of her tongue.
I am sorry to say I sent her away without relief, pending her dental appointment. If

DR NICK Hallebone of Malvern East, Victoria, says GP treatment rooms often lack a very useful piece of equipment: the humble whiteboard.
When a number of people bustle about during an emergency, it

This is a tip which takes two seconds, and might save 10 seconds. But if you’ve never seen it, you’ll never do it.
When gloved, peeling the plastic away from the paper backing of a suture pack can be