Early gut infection with enterovirus may be a trigger for coeliac disease in susceptible children, research suggests.
Less than one hour of general anaesthesia in infancy has no lasting impacts on children’s brain development or behaviour, according to the first randomised controlled trial to investigate
Discussions around obesity should focus on “gaining health” rather than shedding fat to avoid implying the issue is just about weight, the RACGP says.
This is an edited version of an obituary written by Dr Olga Ostrowskyj, a women's health physician at Broadmeadow Medical Practice in Newcastle,  NSW and long-time colleague of Dr
The TGA has been forced to tweak it controversial list of “official” clinical indications for alternative therapies after discovering some of the indications were bogus.
Doctors who offer alternative therapies would be warned against initiating treatment without a “reasonable expectation” of clinical benefit, under new guidelines proposed by the Medical
Neither youth nor old age should be considered a barrier to a total knee replacement surgery, according to Australian researchers.