A simple two-question screening check can help identify young people at higher risk of developing a future alcohol use disorder, researchers say.
From the 'lovely' 62-year-old Mrs Smith, to the 'delightful' Mr Jones presenting with a painful right knee, many GPs have a shorthand way of referring to their nicer patients in their
Letting nature take its course may not be the best option for women experiencing a first trimester miscarriage, with data from more than 9000 women suggesting medical treatment may be a
British surgeons have claimed a world first after carrying out a gene therapy operation to tackle the most common cause of sight loss in the developed world.
A leading cardiovascular expert has called for a shift in focus towards secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, saying more can be done for those who have already experienced an
A patient who fired a crossbow at a UK GP, after blaming the doctor for his father’s death just days earlier, has been jailed for 20 years.
Having access to more GPs adds 50 days' life expectancy to those living in communities with lots of primary care doctors compared with those in areas with fewer doctors, a US study